Friday, June 4, 2010

will be back

im on hiatus for like, forever.

dahm it.

will post up some updates soon :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cny part 2

done with cny posts.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

to every butterflies and fireflies

Here to wish good luck to every 2009 SPM candidates on thursday's result!


Monday, March 8, 2010

cny part 1

13/2 ;

went to mid valley with the cousins and my brother to help him choose v-day's present for his gf.

with his friends

mommy in the kitchen

red wine after dinner

14/2 ;


people start crowding up my house
she is SO ADORABLE!!
when i face my camera to her she immediately did that peace sign! so cute~

after dinner, we have nothing to do.. we played arm wrestling and poker.

help my brother did this for his gf.

15/2 ;

nothing much happened today, went grandma's house, lunch, people visiting, getting sick and nothing else.

16/2 ;

breakfast at local food stall cause there's relatives coming to visit.

there's a total of 55 koi fish in the pond and the most expensive one cost around few thousands!
that the largest and the most expensive one.

it's another SO ADORABLE!!~
it's freaking cute!!!

will continue soon..

Colour theory's assignments are really making me crazy.
Just finish my mid-term accounts and economic's exam and now i have to continue finish my assignment called "Colours, Lines and Elements" which basically the lecturer bring us to window shopping to check out what's in the trend those stuff (we went pavillion but it was a waste of time), then we have to design casual, office, evening/sports wear for small, medium and large size, then shoes and accessories base on the three elemets. It's a total of 34 designs in like less than one week!

Then after this will have another assignment which we have to draw a poster of a few combination of pictures of a country. Then there will be our last project which we have to design/paint/accessorize a table lamp.

Not to forget there will be our final exam too which is like another two more weeks!! And a marketing plan to be done by next week. This is why I update so late. Will try to update more ofter, if i can.

Oh, and the spm results is coming out on the 11th, which is this thursday! I'm starting to get nervous but at the same time excited! Hope the results turn out to my expectation. Pray hard!

signing out.